5 of them aren't listed in the "Senior Directory" at the back our '72 yearbook.
(That list is the definitive one, since not everyone had a picture taken.)

If you have additional information on any others that have passed on,
please send it using the Comments section of the form on the Home Page.

Deborah Allen (not in the '72 yearbook "Senior Directory")
Todd Anglund (not in directory either)
Nancy Chapo
Susan Cunniff
Mary Dart
Bill Daskum
Ronnie Egol
Gwendolyn Farrell
Ray Ferri
Peter Folsom
Michelle Galatin
Tom Gaydosh
Gary Gill
Sue Graves
Roxanne Greenberg (not in the '72 directory)
Jay Gibeault
Peter Gorham
Janet Haehl
Price Hancock
Alan Harap
Bill Horne
Peter Lang
Jenny Loomis
Paul Martinez
Peter Milazzo
Steven Miles
Michele Millard (Shelly)
Tom Moore
Miguel Negrin (not in the '72 directory)
Michael O’Neill
John Rea
Glen Regan
Jeff Shoup
Steve Surprise
John Sych
John 'Jay' Tarrant
Theora Tefft
Lee Untermeyer